Theo van der Sluijs

Product Manager / Owner | Agile Coach | Python Developer | Sustainability Advisor 🌱
Paul Krügerstraat 20 4443 AK Nisse, Zeeland / NL

Profile Summary

With years of experience as a programmer, I focus on improving software and guiding global IT teams. As a bridge builder, I aim to transform businesses through effective IT solutions and collaboration.

Personal Activities

  • Hiking
  • Indoor Rowing
  • Energy Coach Volunteer

Personal Interests

  • Home Automation
  • Raspberry pi / Linux / Docker
  • Python development
  • Open-source contributions
  • Renewable energy & Sustainability


  • Dutch (C2 - level)
  • English (C1 - level)
  • German (B1 - level)

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Theo van der Sluijs

Product Manager / Owner | Agile Coach | Python Developer | Sustainability Advisor 🌱
Paul Krügerstraat 20 4443 AK Nisse, Zeeland / NL


With years of experience as a programmer, I have come to know the digital world from the inside out. As a Product Owner / Product & Team Manager, my focus is on improving software and guiding IT teams around the world, with a special emphasis on India. It is fascinating how technology allows us to bridge distances and embrace cultural differences while working together on innovative solutions.

This journey has also led me to another passion: sustainability in IT and beyond. One notable project is my Energy Prices platform, where I have utilized Digital Ocean servers running Debian, along with several Docker containers hosting Linux-based operating systems and Python environments. This API-based system provides daily gas and hourly power prices to over 15,000 users. I have handled all the setup, configuration, and troubleshooting myself to ensure these systems deliver optimal performance and reliability. I firmly believe that we can leverage our technical expertise not only to develop more efficient software and hardware but also to guide companies towards a greener future. This is where one of my passions lies: merging technology and environmental initiatives to make a positive impact.

Through my experiences, I have learned that success is not only measured in lines of code or project deadlines but also in the positive changes we bring about. From optimizing business and team processes to reducing a company’s ecological footprint, it is a challenging but immensely rewarding balance.

At heart, I am a bridge builder – between teams and clients, with occasional steps towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can harness the power of IT to transform not only our businesses but also our world.

Work Experience


Product Owner

Maxxton, Middelburg, NL / Pune, India Link to jobsite

2023 – Present

As Product Owner at Maxxton, I lead a team of 18 backend and frontend developers, designers, and QA professionals in India. I visit India regularly and maintain daily contact to ensure smooth communication and efficient workflows. I work with clients such as Roompot, Landal, and Farmcamps to provide tailored solutions. My focus is on developing secure, well-tested financial modules that streamline operations and enhance user experience.

Skills: Project Management, Team Leadership, Software Development, Agile Methodologies, Product Owner, DAC7 Legislation


Energie Advies Zeeland, Zeeland, NL Link to jobsite

2022 – Present

As the owner of Energie Advies Zeeland, I help companies achieve their sustainability goals. I provide customized advice to improve sustainability and elevate companies to a higher sustainable level. I specialize in advising and supporting the development of energy management systems and compliance with the energy savings obligation and information duty. With my expertise, I provide practical and effective solutions for a greener future, both inside and outside Zeeland.

Skills: Sustainability, Energy Audits, Smart Metering, Solar Energy, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy


TS Intermedia, Zeeland, NL Link to jobsite

1996 – Present

As the owner of TS Intermedia since 1996, I bring extensive IT and development experience in interim roles at the level of Product Owner/Manager, Team/Tech Lead, Manager, and CTO. My expertise spans software development, hardware configuration, and network environments. I excel at leading large international teams and delivering secure, reliable, and efficient solutions. I help companies optimize their IT infrastructure and processes, ensuring robust solutions and security in all aspects of their IT operations.

Skills: Business Analysis, Project Management, Project Planning, Product Owner, Team Leadership

Product Owner

PAY., Spijkenisse, NL / Enschede, NL Link to jobsite

2022 – 2023

At Pay, I was a Product Manager/Product Owner leading a team of 8 developers. My role involved creating robust and secure payment processing software. With skills in analytical thinking, business analysis, agile methodologies, and project planning, I ensured our solutions met high standards. I collaborated with major banks and organizations like iDeal, IN3, and ING to deliver reliable and secure payment systems.

Skills: Project Management, Project Planning, Product Owner, Analytical Skills, Business Analysis, Team Leadership, Agile Methodologies

Project Manager / Operational Lead

XSARUS | Digital Commerce, Middelharnis, NL Link to jobsite

2021 – 2022

As Project Manager/Operational Lead at XSARUS, I led a team of 8 developers to build secure webshops for major fashion brands like Bomont and Nora. Specializing in Magento e-commerce, I promoted collaboration, innovation, and agile methodologies to deliver robust online shopping experiences. I ensured projects met deadlines, budgets, and quality expectations while maintaining clear client communication.

Skills: Team Leadership, Project Management, Operations Management, Agile Methodologies, Product Owner

CTO / IT Development Manager

Viterra B.V., Rotterdam, NL / Chennai, India Link to jobsite

2017 – 2021

At Viterra/Glencore, I was acting CTO and IT Development Manager, leading 150 developers in India and 50 in the Netherlands, including Product Owners and testers. With the help of Cognizant, we migrated critical software from PowerBuilder to Java/C# and Angular, delivering robust and efficient solutions. My role included strategic planning, resource allocation, and fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Skills: IT Management, Project Management, Project Planning, IT Operations, Team Leadership, Software Development, Agile Methodologies

CTO / IT Manager / Software Development Manager

e-Health Ventures Group, Roosendaal, NL / Willemstad, Curaçao Link to jobsite

2014 – 2017

As CTO/IT and Software Development Manager at eHealth Ventures Group, I advanced the company by defining the technological roadmap, driving innovation, and overseeing software development teams in the Netherlands and Curaçao. My efforts ensured the delivery of high-quality e-health solutions, enabling consumers to make informed decisions.

Skills: IT Operations, IT Management, Team Leadership, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Product Owner

CTO / Head Tech & Development

Bax-Music ♬, Goes, NL Link to jobsite

2011 – 2014

As CTO at Bax-Music, a company aiming to become the largest European eCommerce music store, I played a crucial role in growth. Our development team grew from 3 to 35 professionals under my leadership. We migrated from a monolithic system to a microservice-based environment, improving scalability and performance. My strategic vision and focus on innovation were recognized by industry peers like Coolblue. At Bax-Music, I emphasized the importance of agile methodologies, continuous improvement, and collaboration, leading to significant contributions to our success as a leading eCommerce music store in Europe.

Skills: IT Management, Team Leadership, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Product Owner



Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk

1996 – 2001

VIA, Design and Interaction


MEAO Oude Tonge

1991 – 1996

Computer Science & Business Administration


Willem van Oranje

1987 – 1991


Technical Skills

  • Debian, Docker, MySQL, Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL, Lotus Notes Formulas, LotusScript, ABAP-OO, Flex2.0, Product Owner, PDF Form Script, VisualBasic, PHP, ASP Classic, Python, ActionScript, Bash, Raspberry Pi, Home Automation

Professional Interests & Activities

  • Leading cross-functional IT teams for global software projects.
  • Agile coaching and team management.
  • Conducting workshops and training on Agile methodologies.
  • Managing the product lifecycle from concept to launch.
  • Collaborating with international teams to drive innovation.
  • Optimizing software development processes for efficiency.
  • Implementing and managing cybersecurity measures in IT projects.
  • Conducting security audits and risk assessments for software systems.
  • Presenting at (industry) conferences on sustainability or tech.


Hobby projects

hobby projects

SH Python Installer building

Updating Python on systems like Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu can often be a complex and problematic task. This process usually involves navigating various dependencies, handling potential conflicts, and ensuring compatibility with existing applications. This can be particularly daunting for users who are not deeply familiar with system administration. In light of this challenge, my script offers a streamlined solution. With just a single command line, you can effortlessly update your Python version to any desired release. This straightforward script eliminates the usual issues and complexities associated with Python updates, making it accessible and hassle-free for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

hobby projects

Energy Pricing Project building

In early 2021, when energy prices were rising, I discovered the benefits of negative electricity prices with a friend. This led to ePrijzen, a platform that monitors dynamic energy prices. I wrote a Python script that alerts via Telegram when prices are low. What started as a personal project grew into a service for thousands of users. Using Docker and Digital Ocean, I ensured scalability and stability. By the end of 2023, ePrijzen reached 13,000 users.

hobby projects

Home Assistant Configuration on GitHub building

This repository contains my personal Home Assistant configuration, aimed at improving and automating my home environment. It provides an overview of YAML files, scripts, and other necessary configurations. This setup is specifically tailored to my needs but can serve as inspiration or a starting point for others. The goal is to provide insight into my system and offer ideas and guidelines for creating your own Home Assistant environment.

Non-work related roles

volunteer projects

Energy transition workgroup Nisse - Chairman volunteer

2022 – Present

As the Chairman of the Sustainability Work Group, I collaborate with the aldermen of the municipality of Borsele. Our group includes a former CEO of a major energy company, a building constructor, and a chemical scientist. Together, we assist the inhabitants of Nisse in creating sustainable housing solutions.

volunteer projects

Stichting dorpsraad Nisse, Gemeente Borsele - Chairman volunteer

2020 – Present

As the Chairman of the Village Council, I collaborate closely with the councilors of the municipality of Borsele to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Nisse. My role involves strategic planning and community engagement to ensure our town remains a great and pleasant place to live.


"I had a chance to witness Theo’s exceptional leadership skills. His ability to convey complex ideas concisely and clearly and attention to detail proved to be a valuable asset, also benefiting our work. He not only offered valuable insights but also consistently made time to provide support and advice."

- Rucha Waikar

"I got to know Theo as a leader with passion and devotion for his job. He is an excellent leader whose leadership style inspires dedicated contributions from those he works with him. A master at creating team morale when the chips are down, pulling together a fine team to continue and strive to do their best for the business. He is able to create a motivating environment that cocoons a team in a blanket of creativity and self-governing high productivity. He truly cares about the people he works with as well as the business. He leads by example and is very knowledgeable about the technical as well as the commercial sides of business. He is quite frankly, awesome to work for and with, in any endeavor. A definite plus for any organization."

- Faisal Parwani

"Theo has clearly demonstrated as a member of the IT Management Team that he is a manager who stays well-connected with his people. He always wants to conduct reviews and other meetings himself, which shows good people leadership. His focus on developing his people should also be mentioned. Before my arrival, he led the IT organization for a long time as part of a three-person team, which is impressive given the changes at the time. He is also process-oriented, excelling at finding structure rather than just addressing incidents."

- Pieter Schoehuijs

"I have rarely come across people who are as energized as Theo. Theo was my manager for almost two years during my time at Glencore Agriculture. Having worked across various agile projects in multiple companies, and being an incredible developer Theo's understanding of Agile is beyond many. His ability to find humor in the tensest situations helped bring a sense of calmness everywhere. I am privileged to have worked with Theo."

- Jinto Jose, MBA